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Guestbook for Celebrating C.J.
JoAnne Junkin(non-registered)
I was never lucky enough to meet Charlotte Jennie face-to-face but I was blessed enormously to meet her through Caring Bridge and CJSTUF. Thank you, Rachel and Roger, for sharing her with us all. She has caused me to strive to be a better person and to improve my prayer life and to spend more quality time with our Lord. Charlotte was a gift from God who has now spread her butterfly wings and joined the Heavenly Father where she is healthy. She no doubt has asked God for a special set of wings for her caring, loving, unselfish parents who dedicated their lives to making her short time here on earth the best any little girl could ask for. Lots of love from Southern Maryland.
Lin D'Avignon(non-registered)
Rejoice! In the life of Charlotte Jennie Reynolds. Charlotte was an awesome young lady. She brought togheter people from around the world to her side. She taught us all. When she felt ready to leave our world she took hold of her purple and pink butterfly and flew into the sky to live forever in each and everyones hearts.
Amen to you Charlotte Jennie Reynolds thanks for being you...
Rachel and Roger, thank you for sharing your special mircle with the world. Find piece in her passing knowing she's a beautiful butterfly forever.
Love and Friends Forever, Lin D'Avignon
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